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Mrs Tanner [ 2015-07-08 00:14:36 | | 北美地区 ]
face I am first timer, and I am very happy with Cici from taobaospree that handled my order and shipment. She is very helpful, creative and flexible. I got my shipment within 7 days, and the package was in good condition. I will definately going to order from Cici/taobaospree agents in the near future. Awesome and wonderful experience with Cici/Taobaospree
Doris [2015-07-08 13:52:01]
Thank you very much for comment. :) Hope you will enjoy the goods. ^^ Welcome to order again.
Psydei [ 2015-07-07 03:30:19 | | MEXICOMEXICO ]
face It's my first time using TBS. My agent was Ray, he was very polite, helpful and patient. My package just arrived complete, with the flashes for my camera I ordered. There was 0 issues with anything. Very recomended if you want to buy something from china.
Doris [2015-07-08 13:50:51]
Thank you very much for comment. :) I'm glad to hear the goods are fine. Hope you will enjoy them. ^^ Welcome to order again.
Nayely [ 2015-07-04 12:13:40 | | CANADACANADA ]
face My first time ordering with taobaospree was absolutely great! Ray was very helpful and VERY patient and understanding with all the changes to my order... Overall very quick feedback & super fast shipping! Would love to work with Ray again in the near future for my next orders! :) Thank you again!! Appreciate how hard TBS agents work for the customer!
Doris [2015-07-06 14:56:38]
You're welcome. :) Thank you very much for your review! ^^ Hope you will enjoy your goods. Love to hear you again. ^^
minikl [ 2015-07-04 11:19:12 | | CANADACANADA ]
face Not the first time ordering with TaobaoSpree, but first time being serviced by Ray. He is very responsive in replying to emails, very patient in checking stocks of alternatives, and very thorough in quality checking. Highly recommended!
Doris [2015-07-06 14:55:52]
Thank you very much for your review! ^^ Hope you will enjoy your goods. Love to hear you again. ^^
Shellie [ 2015-07-03 10:55:36 | | UNITED STATESUNITED STATES ]
face I could not be happier with the service I received from TaobaoSpree and Ray. The communication was top-notch, the process was clear, and everything was done precisely as it was explained. I received verification checks every step of the way and pictures showing exactly what would be shipped to me once it arrived at their location. Ray even took an extra picture when I had a concern about an item! Really, this experience has been everything I hoped it would be and, based on what I have seen, you can't go wrong here! Highly, HIGHLY recommended.
Doris [2015-07-06 14:54:21]
Thank you very much for your review! ^^ Hope you will enjoy your goods. Love to hear you again. ^^
duriandave [ 2015-06-23 06:04:01 | | UNITED STATESUNITED STATES ]
face Once again, I had a extremely positive experience ordering through TaoBaoSpree. My agent was Ray, who still remembered me even though it's been more than a year since I last ordered. Ray's customer service is excellent; he was friendly, helpful, and efficient every step of the way. I will definitely use TaoBaoSpree again and will request Ray as my agent. He earns my highest recommendation. Many thanks!
Doris [2015-06-23 08:46:59]
You're welcome. ^^ Thank you very much for your long support!
Rica [ 2015-06-19 02:19:15 | | ITALYITALY ]
face My first order from taobao! Ray makes this experience easy and pleasant! Hugly recommended! Ray helps me a lot with great patience! The items arrived perfectly in time and they were perfect <3 Thank you Ray, i hope to work with you again!
Doris [2015-06-23 08:47:55]
You're welcome. :) Hope you will enjoy your goods. ^^
Tomoyo [ 2015-06-15 09:54:01 | | CANADACANADA ]
face Ray was very helpful with my order, they even helped me find out a cheaper shipping option for my order too. I received my order very fast and everything was wrapped nicely. I am very happy with my order and how professional and friendly taobao spree is!
Doris [2015-06-18 18:45:16]
Thank you. ^^ Hope you will enjoy your goods.
Amy [ 2015-06-11 09:22:08 | | UNITED STATESUNITED STATES ]
face Cici was very patient and answered every single question that was asked. Shipping was very fast, and the product arrived in a pretty box. Huge thanks!
Doris [2015-06-18 18:44:16]
You're welcome. :) Thank you for your comment. ^^
Yvonne [ 2015-06-03 13:05:26 | | AUSTRALIAAUSTRALIA ]
face Ray was very helpful on my order, even when I had to add to it a few times! Its like my 4th time ordering with TBS, always satisfied with the service you guys provide. :) keep up the good work guys! I've heard horror stories of friends ordering directly from sellers on Taobao and had very bad experiences - like getting their credit card blocked by China etc! Am so glad I dont' have to deal with any of that drama as I have TBS!
Doris [2015-06-11 08:37:55]
You're welcome. :) Thank you very much.
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