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CyberTron [ 2009-05-21 23:44:42 | | SINGAPORESINGAPORE ]
face Very good service provided and prompt response. Highly recommended!
susan [2009-05-22 00:11:01]
haha, Thank you~
jason [ 2009-05-21 23:39:50 | | SINGAPORESINGAPORE ]
face good service from susan. a very reliable person and caring
susan [2009-05-22 00:11:01]
Thanks for comments, sweet, Jason~
anGela [ 2009-05-21 22:56:35 | | SINGAPORESINGAPORE ]
face I can't read those fonts, but I'll just try my luck to fill in. Hope I am right! hehe! Well, I came across this website when I was googling taobao. And happened to see this service here. Susan was very nice person! She helps me to check orders, wait for my paypal to verify ( Which takes a very long time to get confirm from my bank) =X She even allow me to top up my extra orders during my shipping payments! Which makes me happy as a client and wanting to enaged susan's Taobao service next time when I am online shopping :D I have yet to received my parcel yet, which was just send 1 day ago, but so far, I love this service and yeah, really enjoyable as compare service from other place, they really disappoint in terms of price, time and communications. Right here, I think service and shipping rates are really affordable! No doubt! Currently this coming batch is my 3rd orders from her.. woohoo~!! I like Taobao.. hehe! I like taobao spreeeessssss
susan [2009-05-22 00:11:01]
ya girl, you are smart, haha Thanks
Julia [ 2009-05-21 21:36:18 | | RUSSIAN FEDERATIONRUSSIAN FEDERATION ]
face I'm almost pleased with my cooperation with Susan! It is very difficult to find a reliable person who can help U to make orders from Taobao. I'm happy to cooperate with Susan. She is very conscientious attitude to her work. Thank U, Susan! Best regards, Julia
susan [2009-05-22 00:11:01]
Thank you so much girl~~ very nice customer~
Jie [ 2009-05-21 21:23:42 | | SINGAPORESINGAPORE ]
face Hello! To all that's viewing this to check for reliability on Susan's services, she's one good agent! 100% reliable and friendly. Not trying to help her gain business, was just stating the facts. Have not only bought from her once, but twice and thrice and still going on. Have also introduced a few friends to buy from her as well, and YOU JUST CAN'T STOP! Taobao has literally everything you need @ a very affordable price! Many of her other customers have been going back to her to get stuff too. One word, EXCELLENT.
susan [2009-05-22 00:11:01]
WOWOW my best friend in sg lor,hehe welcome jie, thankful to have such a good friend! hope will fly to sg soon,he, you guide me!
Susan [ 2009-04-24 22:45:11 | | 广东省东莞市 ]
face Hi guys, welcome to my taobaospree.com~~ Enjoy your shopping here~~~
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