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Service fees : 10% of (items price + Domestic shipping).

1. Item total price 500 CNY or below, the service fee is 50 CNY ONLY(all items togehter).

2. Above 500 CNY : 10% of (item price + Domestic shipping price)

3. Insurance (optional): 5% of whole cost

4. Total = (items price + domestic shipping + sevice fee + international shipping + insurance(optional) )

First payment: Item cost + Service fee

Second payment: International Shipping + Insurance(Optional)

Exchange rate for

CNY to HKD: 1 CNY = 1.35 HKD (updated on 23,Oct, 2013)

CNY to USD: 1 CNY = 0.168 USD (updated on 23,Oct, 2013)

For example:  item cost 1000 CNY

                                   = $ 1350 HKD

                                   = $ 168 USD

(1) CNY payment

If customer has the China bank card, welcome to deposit directly to our chinese bank account. Details will be given in email when requested.

Singapore client can use CNY remittance center in Chinatown, Remittance Center charge about 18-20 SGD/transaction which is good for bigger amount payment.

Exchange rate is about 1 SGD = 4.5-5 CNY depends on times.

*It's better to pay 2 payments together to save the extra remittance fee.

(2) Paypal

Accept HKD Only For NON-USA customers, USA customer can still pay USD.

If there is a refund we will refund you via paypal original payment.

(3) Western Union/MoneyGram/Bank Transfer

We suggest to use Western Union, USD/EURO accepted, small amount accepted too.

Contact : Susan

Email: susan(at)taobaospree.com

MSN: taobaospree(at)hotmail.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tbspree

Twitter: taobaoSpree

Contact: Susan   Email: susan(at)taobaospree.com   MSN: taobaospree@hotmail.com
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