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J [ 2015-09-30 19:05:54 | | AUSTRALIAAUSTRALIA ]
face First time ordering with TaoBaoSpree, and my agent Nickel provided a very positive experience! Great communication and prompt responses made it easy and convenient to make an order. All items were well-organised, packed securely, and arrived in flawless condition. Encountered no problems at all, so I will definitely be ordering with TaoBaoSpree again!
Susan [2015-10-20 15:27:10]
Thank you so much J! Nickel is new and she is so happy to help you out<3 love you see you again!
Danielle [ 2015-09-24 23:20:07 | | CANADACANADA ]
face My agent is CiCi and she is great to work with, answers all questions, is very helpful and overall a pleasure. Glad to use this service. Thank you.
Susan [2015-10-20 15:27:00]
Thank you so much Danielle!
Katherine [ 2015-09-18 10:39:54 | | UNITED STATESUNITED STATES ]
face TaoBaoSpree has been my go-to shopping service for years now. When I look back on it, it's actually been almost eight years! I moved dormatory addresses all four years of college, and then moved twice more after. Even then, the staff has never once sent my package to the wrong place. They always update their information if you give them new addresses. I haven't had a negative experience even once during that time. The staff is really pleasant and easy to work with, and they give good advice--cautioning customers against buying things from unknown sellers instead of just focusing on the money. I have worked with Cici and Susan several times, and I have honestly had way more trouble with my domestic postal service than I have with TaoBaoSpree.
Susan [2015-10-20 15:23:52]
Thank you Katherine! We are so happy to have your long year support!
Ana [ 2015-09-17 02:27:50 | | UNITED STATESUNITED STATES ]
face First time user for Taobao Spree! I worked with Cici and she was great! I was a little concerned hearing there was a problem with their PayPal and had to make my purchase and pay for shipping by buying things through their webshop. It turned out fine, though I hope their PayPal account gets situated asap! I would use their service again!
Susan [2015-10-20 15:24:48]
Thank you Ana! Great to let you have great experience with us!
Nana [ 2015-08-31 02:46:49 | | UNITED STATESUNITED STATES ]
face Used TaoBaoSpree twice already and I forgot to put a feedback first time but they have amazing service both times! Cici was my agent and they were very helpful, the customer service was outstanding! They were very patient and help me all the way, my package was very well packed and everything I ordered arrived. I will keep coming back to TaoBaoSpree again and ask for Cici! Great service, I highly recommend them!
Susan [2015-10-20 15:25:24]
Thank you so much Nana! We are glad to have earn your turst!
Samantha [ 2015-08-25 05:41:14 | | UNITED STATESUNITED STATES ]
face I've never used a shipping service before, but my experience with taobaospree was great. I will definitely use this service again. Cici was my agent and she was amazing, and very clear about the process. The whole process was smooth, and I was delighted to receive my package. Thank you Cici and taobaospree for the wonderful service!
Susan [2015-10-20 15:25:51]
Thank you so much Samantha! You have been so nice to us <3
Pia [ 2015-08-12 00:04:38 | | GERMANYGERMANY ]
face I used TaoBaoSpree for the first time and Ray was my agent. I was very sceptical about the whole thing but everything worked out really well. Ray replied detailed and quickly to each of my mails. The package arrived safely and everything was inside (i had ordered A LOT :D). Thank you Ray for your patience with me (笑) and for your good work! I really recommend TBSpree ^_^
Doris [2015-08-13 16:22:31]
Thank you very much for your review! ^^ You're welcome. Thanks for your trust and support! Hope you will enjoy the goods. ^^
Karina [ 2015-08-10 13:45:30 |, 119.9 | IANA保留地址 ]
face My first time using TaobaoSpree and I am very satisfied. The agent assigned to me, Ray was very helpful. His communication is excellent, fast replies, and easy to understand throughout the entire process. He let me know as soon as my items arrived and shipped them out right after I paid for shipping. When I received the package, all the items were carefully packed and individually labeled with my name-so organized! I am very happy with my order and won't hesitate ordering through Ray again. Thanks!
Doris [2015-08-10 15:25:11]
Thank you very much for your review and trust! ^^ Enjoy your goods. Good day. ^^
Joe [ 2015-07-28 06:10:08 | | UNITED STATESUNITED STATES ]
face This was my first time using TaobaoSpree. The entire process was very easy (even though I was ordering from several different shops and even had to change the measurements on some custom items after I placed my order); the responses I got from Ray were always fast and helpful. Shipping was also very fast, and all of my items arrived safely packed and in excellent condition. I'll definitely use TaobaoSpree for future purchases!
Doris [2015-08-03 08:47:52]
Thank you very much for your review! ^^ Hope you will enjoy the goods. Love to hear you again. ^^
Tabea [ 2015-07-23 17:32:24 | | GERMANYGERMANY ]
face Ray has been my TaobaoSpree agent for quite a while now, and I haven't been disappointed once! It's so much fun to order with TaobaoSpree and I have never had a better experience with shopping online~ I'm a little sad that Ray won't help me out anymore, but I'm looking forward to working with Cici! Keep up the good work <3
Doris [2015-07-24 16:48:27]
Thank you very much for your trust and long support! :) Cici is a very good agent as well. Look forward to hear you again. Thanks again. ^^
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