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Anna [ 2016-10-15 15:46:33 | | AUSTRALIAAUSTRALIA ]
face This was my 5th time using Taobaospree, I think. I've never felt the need to try another shopping service, because Taobaospree's service has always been so good! Cici is lovely she always replies very quickly to messages and questions :) Shipping was super-speedy and everything was very carefully packed. Thank you again!
Cici [2016-11-04 17:04:07]
Thanks Anna's great review, welcome next time :)
Genna [ 2016-04-29 03:47:09 | | UNITED STATESUNITED STATES ]
face This is my 3rd order in the last 9 months and I'm super satisfied with taobaospree's service. Cici has been my agent every time. She's absolutely wonderful, quick same day responses and always informing me of what's happening. So I am completely at ease when she's handling my order! My package from China arrived here in the USA in 4 days this time, it's the fastest I have ever received anything overseas. Taobaospree is the best! I have already opened a new order again. This time my agent is Sandra, recommended to me by Cici (because she will be away on maternity leave-- congratulations dear!^^) And I already know she will do an amazing job. Everyone at Taobaospree is friendly and reliable. They make shopping on taobao super easy! I am most definitely a happy returning customer!
Cici [2016-04-29 10:00:07]
Thanks for Genna's big support and wishes :) Enjoy shopping in taobao, enjoy service in Taobaospree ~
Nana [ 2016-04-15 04:33:16 | | BRAZILBRAZIL ]
face My package arrived today! 3k took only 14 days to arrive in Brazil. It came so fast that I couldn't believe! The agent Cici helped me a lot, she were very patient and educated as always. I had problems with my credit card but she waited for me to pay and also to make a new list, since I wanted to use SAL for shipping. I bought a few things that could have broke, but items were so well packed and protected that even using SAL that's a kind of rough shipping, items came in perfect condition :3! Thank you so much for your excellent service! I never regret when buying with you!
Cici [2016-04-15 11:34:29]
Ya I was very happy that SAL took so fast, welcome your next order :)
Caroline [ 2016-04-13 09:09:24 | | NEW ZEALANDNEW ZEALAND ]
face This was my first time using Taobao Spree and I could not be more pleased with the service. Sandra handled my order and she was very lovely and made sure there was no miscommunication between the seller and I. Responses were swift and the service was very professional. Would highly recommend.
Cici [2016-04-15 11:33:14]
Thanks for your big support, welcome next new order :)
Prom [ 2016-04-01 18:35:59 | | UNITED KINGDOMUNITED KINGDOM ]
face Thank you so much! My prom dress arrived and it cost the fraction of what I would have to pay in the uk. Thank you cici for answering all my stupid questions haha. As it was my first time buying from taobao, I was very nervous but now I can confidently but from there again :)
Cici [2016-04-11 11:28:31]
Welcome your next order :)
Maua [ 2016-03-31 06:44:40 | | IRELANDIRELAND ]
face Everything were packed careful, the package was not damage, but the most awesome surprise was... It took 5 days for the package to come to Ireland. I was so much surprise and happy to find it front my door today! Thank you so much I absolutely love Cici agent!
Cici [2016-04-11 11:27:34]
You are welcome, enjoy the items :)
Anita [ 2016-03-26 07:23:55 | | NEW ZEALANDNEW ZEALAND ]
face First time using a taobao agent and Cici sorted out my order perfectly! All things done orderly and prompt responses, would be keen to continue using Taobaospree. Thank you for the assistance Cici!
Cici [2016-03-30 10:24:02]
You are welcome Anita, welcome next time ^_^
Shelby [ 2016-03-26 02:27:58 | | UNITED STATESUNITED STATES ]
face Cici handled my order as usual, and the service is as wonderful as ever. She's very patient and polite and I appreciate all the care she takes to ensure that there are no misunderstandings between the sellers and I. Their new payment system via the Little Red Wholesale site was a bit suspicious at first, but it's quite easy to use and secure. Thank you TBS for all your hard work!
Cici [2016-03-30 10:23:33]
Thanks for trusting about the new payment system, welcome next order :)
Sunsinourhands [ 2016-03-24 05:19:36 | | UNITED STATESUNITED STATES ]
face I've used this service for years, and I've never needed to use another service. The people who work for this company have always been great to me, and are super good with communication. Even when there is some confusion due to the language barrier, they always work very hard to make it right. I always go right to TaoBaoSpree when I want something from TaoBao. Cici and Susan are the best.
Cici [2016-03-30 10:22:15]
Thanks for the review ^_^
Joke [ 2016-03-21 23:25:33 | | BELGIUMBELGIUM ]
face I did 2 orders and they both arrived safe and fast. Fast reply, very helpfull and kind. Also when I wanted to change items or shipping, it was no problem. All over, a very great service! It was a first time ordering from TaoBao and I'm happy to have chosen this shopping service! I'm sure to mail again to Taobaospree for my next order and advice my friends to use this shoppingservice. Thank you a lot for the great service!
Cici [2016-03-30 10:20:44]
Thanks Joke's big support, welcome next order :)
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