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Dear Friends

Recently we feedbacked that Many of you kept waiting for our reply emails, complaints why we replied so slow and never have a words.However, ended up found out the emails in the spam mail box.

If 1-2 days past and there is no news from us,there are 4 suggestions for you to check

A. Check the Spam Mailbox.---It happened most of the Cases

B. Mail us again. 1) Mail to the Buying agent. Doris, Cici, Lucy, Ms Zeng, etc.

                        2) Send the asking email to Susan too to follow up

C. If A & B are failed, try to post on feedback page. Susan will check that everyday. 

Feedback page Link:http://www.taobaospree.com/gbook.asp

D. Last option, add Susan's Msn: taobaospree#hotmail.com  to talk directly ^^

TaobaoSpree Best suggestion: DON'T WAIT too long with yourself! You can mail us again after 1-2 days if there is still no news from us. We HATE kept customers waiting too long while we simply DON'T KNOW about it.

Worst example: Customer A mailed us 1 month ago for an order but gotten no reply then posted on the feedback page complaints too much long waiting. Ended up we found her email in the spam mail...

Thanks so much for reading.

Best Regards,

TaobaoSpree Team

5th, March, 2011

Contact: Susan   Email: susan(at)taobaospree.com   MSN: taobaospree@hotmail.com
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