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Regarding the NO STOCK items

Dear Friends

We have some misunderstanding with customers regarding the no stock items, especially after customer paid. 

Hence, I would like to explain here to clear out the questions:

1)Q: What if no stock for the item after I paid?


1)The no stock item money will automatically/Defaulty drops to the Shipping part to cover part of the shipping cost.

2)Or, you can request the money back from us (only works in paypal normal


Our suggestion: #1 way works faster.

2)Q: Why no stock when agent buy the items, isn't confirmed in stock?

A: The stock is not always wait for us.The last minute it's still there, but next minute it might gone already. Plus some seller sells online and offline (real shop), so the stock will gone soon.

what you can do is to pay fast and try to lock the stock.

However, we are not able to promise if stock is still there but we will try our best.

3)Q: Why you keep saying can not contact the seller? Isn't it just pay on taobao and seller will send automatically?

A: Sellers are not machine. They are flexiable.According to TAOBAOSPREE rule, every buying should contact the sellers and confirm with them to make sure seller knows to send us the correct items in time.

However, some sellers are hard to reach, even we called, we text messaged and we left messages on wangwang (something like MSN,but from taobao), still no reply from them.In such cases, we don't suggest buyer buy from them, it might just waste of time to deal business with them.

Some customers might complain that why not we just buy and paid first and don't waste time to wait for the seller reply...

It's not the right way to do. Some items price might not as listed, some need special request. We don't know untile we contact and confirm with sellers.If we paid first, we might not buying what the buyers wanted.

4)Q: If no stock, I can send replacement links?how many times I can send?

A: Yes, you can send use the replacement links. However, you can only send 3 times Max. If 3 times still no stock for the items, agent will help you to search once again, if still failed, means this items no stock; Pls give up buying this item. Hope you can understand buying agent is not able to keep checking thousands of no stock links for a whole day.-- this rules works even before you paid and after you paid. Total checking time is 3 times customers links+1 time Agent help check link. 

P.S We are sorry to set such rules, however, some buyers force our buying agent to help them check for 1 item for a whole days. The searching page on taobao is 18 pages! We are so sorry but we are not able to do so.We still need time to work for other customers. Hope you can understand. Thanks 

5)Q: Why the buying agent said no stock when taobao page said in stock?

A: Same reason as question 2)

6)Q: You don't do the checking before I paid? why no stock now?!!!(with anger)

A: Same reason as question 2) 

We always do the checking before you paid the money. Checking if in stock it takes a LOT of time and energy. But it's good for buyer to know better before paying. However we are not able to control the stock from sellers.

We had done what should do, therefore pls don't put the fire on our agents. Thanks! 

7)Q: Why still no stock at the end even the buying agent paid the items?

A: Some items will end up no stock because:

1)the factory suddenly sold out all the items, but no plan to produce again;

2)Seller made mistake to tell us in stock when we do the checking;

3) Some reservation items (like order from Japan or Korea), seller failed to buy the items in the end.

4)Seller was ready to ship the items to us. However, he/she found some items are faulty and seller doesn't want to sell to us.

5) Some custom made items, seller might lack of workers/can't find the correct fabric, might cancle the order by accident.

Updates will make if there's any.

Thanks for reading.

TaobaoSpree Team

15th, March, 2011

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